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With 10 years of experience and over 2 million euros turnover in 2014, Inteliform delivers personalized solutions with tested efficiency approved by over 60 international partners from automotive, electronics and the food industry.

Inteliform offers professional services in:

  • Mechanical design, pneumatics, hydraulics
  • High precision metalworking
  • Design and execution of injection moulds, stamps, devices, parts and prototype products, sonotrodes
  • Design and execution of production cells and process equipment

Currently we develop research programs for applications in less known fields of industry in Romania:

  • Nanotechnologies
  • Advanced thermal treatments
  • Metal coating
  • Ultrasound activated moulds

Inteliform in numbers

  • Production company, active since 2004
  • 100% Romanian capital
  • Over 2.000.000 euros in turnover in 2014
  • 87 highly qualified employees with a strong experience in the field
  • 22 engineers in total, 14 design and software engineers
  • Over 60 international companies amongst our clients, from Romania, France, Ireland, Germany, Hungary, China.

Our mission

We support the development of our international industrial partners through innovative solutions in mechanical engineering.